1.1 Installing the Conferencing Client

  1. Use the URL in the Welcome e-mail you receive to Install the Conferencing client. Use the username and the password in this e-mail to sign on to Conferencing. This e-mail also provides your personal PIN number and additional information. We recommend that you save this e-mail for future reference.

    If you do not have a Welcome e-mail, the Conferencing client can be downloaded from the following URLs:

    • Windows*: http://conferencing-portal-hostname/imidio/downloads/conferencing.exe

    • Linux: http://conferencing-portal-hostname/imidio/downloads/conferencing.rpm

    You need your Conferencing username and password to start the client after install.

    If you have SSL enabled, you should specify https in the URL instead of http.

  2. Select Open or Run to invoke the installer after the download completes.

    It might take a while for the installation to begin on a Linux desktop.

    After the client is installed, you can use either the admin screen name to sign on with the Conferencing client or you can use the screen name of the first user of the first community created earlier.

    After you have signed on, you can add Conferencing users to the community. Refer to the Conferencing Operations Guide for information on adding users.