2.2 Initial Logon

After installing Novell Teaming/Liferay, you need to log in. The Novell Teaming installation creates one system administrator account and a default format for users. The following procedure uses the initial admin login, which is also the same procedure that each user uses to login for the first time.

NOTE:When using LDAP/eDirectory™ as the authentication source, a new user cannot log in until the e-mail attribute is populated. Liferay requires only a non-null value for this attribute to authenticate the source, so this does not need to be a valid e-mail.

  1. Access your installation with a browser via the following URL:


  2. At the login screen, enter your user name: admin

  3. Enter your initial password: admin

    You are brought to a Change Password page the first time you log in (regular users see this page only if the admin turns this functionality on for all users under Password Policies in the Liferay Enterprise Admin portlet).

  4. Change your password and click OK.

    This brings up the initial Liferay portal window.

    When you change your password (here or in the Liferay portal), the new password is not resynchronized into Novell Teaming until you log in again. This means that WebDAV and Web services use the outdated password until you log in again.

  5. To add more portlets, click the Add Content link in the upper right corner. This brings up a panel of portlets along the left margin:

    • Expand the Teaming section to add more Novell Teaming features, such as the Teaming Administration portlet.

    • Expand the Admin section to add useful Liferay features, such as the Admin and Enterprise Admin portlets.

    The portlets are placed in the narrow column on the left side. To move a portlet to the wider right column, drag the title to the right column and drop it when a blue bar with arrows on each side appears.