2.3 Adding Your Company Logo

The Novell Teaming logo in the upper left corner of each Teaming site page is replaceable.

The Novell Teaming logo file is teaming_logo.gif. By default, it is located in the following directory:


where Novell_theme represents one of the three Novell theme directories:

NOTE:The part of the path before the webapps directory might be different on your system depending on where you installed Novell Teaming.

To replace the Novell Teaming logo with your own logo:

  1. Create a GIF file for your logo that is approximately the same size as the Novell Teaming logo.

  2. Name the GIF file teaming_logo.gif.

  3. Make a backup copy of the original teaming_logo.gif file.

  4. Under in images subdirectory of each Novell_theme directory, replace the existing teaming_logo.gif file with your company logo teaming_logo.gif file.

  5. Restart Novell Teaming.