9.7 Configuring Presence

If you are using the Conferencing component of Novell Teaming + Conferencing 1.0, you can configure Novell Teaming to display a user’s Conferencing presence icon anyplace on the Teaming site where that user’s name displays. When you click the presence icon, contact options are presented. In addition, with Conferencing presence enabled, a link at the bottom of each workspace and folder page enables you to start an instant meeting with team members of a team workspace or with users who have created entries and comments in the folder.

In order to configure Conferencing presence in Teaming, you need the following information about the Conferencing system:


Under Presence Configuration, list the information that the Teaming site needs to know in order to communicate with the Conferencing system.

Complete the planning process for additional Advanced installation features as needed, then perform the Advanced installation as described in Section 10.0, Performing an Advanced Teaming Installation.

IMPORTANT:In order for Conferencing presence to display, the Conferencing User Name field of each user’s Teaming profile must contain the user’s Conferencing ID. Users can provide this information manually, or you can populate the Conferencing User Name field from your LDAP directory.