B.1 Your Presence Icon Does Not Change Color

Problem: When you sign in and view Novell Teaming pages, your presence icon does not change color to indicate that you are signed in, and it continues to display either the color that indicates no presence information (white) or that you are offline (gray).

If your presence icon indicates that there is no presence information for you (white):

  1. View your personal workspace.

  2. Click Modify profile.

  3. In the Conferencing User Name field, type your Conferencing username for Novell Conferencing and its Pidgin client.

  4. Click OK.

If your presence icon indicates that you are offline (gray) when you are signed in:

  1. Start the Pidgin client on your computer.

    For more information about installing and running the Conferencing Pidgin client on your computer, see your Teaming administrator.