23.0 Migrating Existing Novell Teaming Data into a New Teaming 2.1 System

If your existing Novell®Teaming system has outgrown the server where you originally set it up, or you want to move to a different operating system, you can install Teaming 2.1 on a new server, then migrate your existing Teaming data from a Teaming 1.0 or 2.0 system to your new Teaming 2.1 system. This is especially helpful if you created your Teaming system using the Virtual Eval version of the Novell Teaming Starter Pack.

NOTE:In these instructions, “target server” refers to the server where you install the Teaming 2.1 software, and “source server” refers to your existing Teaming 1.0 or 2.0 server from which you are migrating Teaming data.

The instructions in this section are based on a single-server Teaming configuration. If you have a multi-server Teaming configuration, the single-server instructions can serve as a foundation to get you started with your more complex migration process.

This section does not include instructions for migrating an Oracle database. Use the instructions for your Teaming platform as a guideline for the tasks that are involved in migrating Teaming data, then apply these guidelines to your Oracle database migration.