10.1 Changing Network Settings

The settings in this dialog are set during initial deployment.

Path: Port 9443 Appliance Console > Network icon

Best Practice: Be sure to update your record:

  • Worksheet 9 - Network Support

Table 10-1 Using the Network (DNS, NIC, Port 9443 Access restrictions) dialog

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

Network (IP Infrastructure) dialog

Worksheet 20 - Network Support (IP Address Infrastructure Information and Appliance-Specific IP Configuration Settings)

DNS Configuration section


  • Name Servers:

  • You can modify the name servers.

  • Search Domains:

  • If this field is left blank, it is auto-populated with the domain of the appliance hostname. For example, if the hostname of the appliance is TeamWorks.mycompany.com, the domain is auto-populated with mycompany.com.

  • Gateway:

  • Make sure that this matches any of the other changes you have made in this dialog.

NIC Configuration section

  • In this section, you can modify the IP address, hostname, and network mask of any Network Interface Controller (NIC) associated with the appliance. (If you configured multiple NICs for the TeamWorks appliance, you can configure the additional NICs.)

    • In the NIC Configuration section, click the ID of the NIC.

    • Edit the IP address, hostname, or network mask.

      If you change the IP address, you must restart the appliance in order for the change to be reflected.

    • Click OK.

Appliance Administration UI (Port 9443) Access Restrictions section


  • Allowed Networks:

  • To limit administrative access, specify the IP address of any networks from which you want administrators to access the TeamWorks site.

  • Leave this section blank to allow administrative access from any network.

Proxy Settings section


Use a Proxy ... checkbox

  • Select this if you want to configure a forward proxy server for the TeamWorks appliance.

  • Proxy URL:

  • The URL address of the proxy server to be used, including the port.

  • Username:

  • If required, the username for accessing the proxy server

  • Password:

  • The password for the username.

OK button

  • Click this to save your changes, then click Reconfigure TeamWorks Server.

    This stops and restarts your TeamWorks server. Because this results in server downtime, you should restart the server during off-peak hours.

    User sessions can be affected by the above changes.

Cancel button

  • Click this to cancel the changes you have made.