C.0 Configuring the PostgreSQL 1.2 Appliance to Provide the SQL Database

Table C-1 Configuring a PostgreSQL Appliance

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IMPORTANT:The following steps assume that you installed and prepared a PostgreSQL appliance in addition to your TeamWorks and Search appliances, as documented in Section 6.0, Creating the TeamWorks Virtual Machines.


  1. Using a browser on your management workstation, access the Port 9443 Appliance Console on the PostgreSQL appliance by entering the following URL:


    Where IP_Address is the IP address of the PostgreSQL appliance.

PostgreSQL Appliance Sign In

  1. Log in as the vaadmin user with the password that you set for the appliance in Vaadmin password and confirmation:.

PostgreSQL Appliance Tools

  1. Click the Configure PostgreSQL icon .

Postgres User Configuration

  1. Type and confirm a new password for the postgres role/user, then click Submit.

PostgreSQL Appliance Tools

  1. Click the phpPgAdmin icon to launch the phpPgAdmin utility.

  2. In the left panel, click PostgreSQL, then log in as user postgres with the password that you specified above.


  1. Click the Roles icon .

  2. Click Create role.

Create Role

  1. Type a name in the Name field, such as db-user, for the role that will create the database for TeamWorks and provide TeamWorks services with database access.

  2. Type and confirm a password for the role that you are creating.

  3. Select the Create DB? and Can login? options.

  4. Click the Create button.

    The role you created is added to the Roles list.

  5. Close the browser and return to Setting Up Three Search Appliances.