4.0 Language and Locale Settings

The following points summarize TeamWorks’ language settings:

  • Administrative Interfaces: These are English only.

  • User App Interfaces: These reflect the language settings of the mobile device, web browser, or GroupWise client.

  • Email Notifications: These reflect the Locale setting for individual users. Locale settings are assigned to users at the time they are created, as follows:

    • LDAP Users: When you import LDAP users, their Locale reflects the Default Locale at the time of the import.

      The Default Locale is set at install time.

      It can be changed in the Port 8443 Console: LDAP > User Settings > Use the following when creating new users.

      Changes to the Default Locale affect only those LDAP users that are imported subsequent to the change.

    • Internal (Non-LDAP) Users: When you create an internal user, the Locale drop-down list reflects the setting in Port 8443 ConsoleManagementDefault User Settings, by default. However, if desired, you can select another Locale as you create each user.

  • Changing Users’ Profiles: Port 8443 administrators can change the Locale for any users (LDAP or internal) by editing their profiles. See Viewing and Managing User Properties in the TeamWorks 18.2.1: Administrative UI Reference.