11.2 Optimizing Disk Performance

Micro Focus recognizes that many pilot deployments and demo systems are deployed on VMware Workstation.

Therefore, since VMware Workstation only supports LSI Logic as the SCSI disk controller type, that setting is specified in the OVF files used to deploy all TeamWorks-related appliances.

On the other hand, VMware strongly recommends VMware Paravirtual as the SCSI disk controller type in all high-data-load installations.

For this reason, the installation instructions in Edit settings in the GroupWise TeamWorks 18.2.1: Installation and Deployment Guide, recommend changing the controller type to VMware Paravirtual during initial appliance configuration in ESX and ESXi environments.

If you didn’t make this change during the initial deployment, you can change the controller type later by doing the following:

  1. Power off the appliance you are changing.

  2. Edit the appliance settings and change the SCSI Disk Controller type to VMware Paravirtual.

  3. Power on the appliance and move to the next appliance you are configuring.