6.0 Planning TeamWorks Email Integration

GroupWise, TeamWorks, and Secure SMTP

By default, TeamWorks is configured to use its built-in Postfix mail server for sending email messages. The Postfix mail server in TeamWorks communicates using only non-secured Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) packets. Secured SMTP (SMTPS) is not available.

In contrast, GroupWise 2018 only accepts SMTPS communications by default.

If you determine that there is minimal risk because, for example, GroupWise and TeamWorks communicate through the same switch, then the GroupWise server’s settings can be changed to allow SMTP communications. However, by default TeamWorks and GroupWise cannot exchange email messages.

To illustrate, let’s say Tristan’s organization uses GroupWise 2018 and his email address is tristan@tw-doc-lab.com. Furthermore, let’s say that he has requested to receive email notifications of TeamWorks events.

When a requested event occurs, TeamWorks sends an email message through its Postfix server to tristan@tw-doc-lab.com. Because the email it not secure, the GroupWise server rejects it.

Tristan’s systems administrator has two options for dealing with this issue:

  • Modify the SMTP settings on the GroupWise server to allow non-SSL communications.

    In the GroupWise Administration Console, click Internet Agents > GWIA > Agent Settings and change SMTP to Enabled. (See the GroupWise documentation for more information.)


  • Configure the TeamWorks Outbound Email service to use an email server with SMTPS capabilities. In this case, the alternate email server could be the same one where Tristan’s account resides.

    Remember to set up SSL communications between TeamWorks and the mail server, including importing a server certificate into the TeamWorks certificate store.

Table 6-1 Worksheet 7—Email Integration

Heading, Label, or Topic:

Information and Instructions:

Outbound Email dialog

  1. Referring to the information in Configuring an Email Service for TeamWorks Notifications in the TeamWorks 18.2.1: Administrative UI Reference, record your settings for the following fields on Worksheet 13 > Email Service Integration:

    • Use Local Postfix Mail

    • Protocol:

    • Host:

    • Port:

    • Time Zone:

    • User Name:

    • Password:

    • Authentication required:

    • Allow sending email to all users:

    • Force HTTPS Links:

    • Enable STARTTLS:

    • From e-mail address override:

    • Use from e-mail address override for all outbound e-mail:

    • Connection Timeout: