1.1 About the Worksheets

  • Planning Order Vs. Deployment Order: Make sure that you follow both the planning instructions and the deployment instructions in order.

    The logical planning order presented in this guide is different from the correct deployment order as presented in the installation guide.

  • Microsoft Excel 2013: The planning worksheets and accompanying instructions were developed using Microsoft Excel 2013 running on Windows 7.

  • Worksheet Use: You can use the worksheets separately or with this guide.

    The recommended best practice is to follow the instructions in this guide, recording your plans in the worksheets, and referring to the Administration UI Reference for guidance and help.

    You can print the worksheets and use them as a hard copy document, or if you have Excel 2013, you can take advantage of the calculation checks they contain.

    Until you enter data for your deployment, the worksheet displays only base sizing numbers.

    Make sure to check that the generated numbers seem logical and accurate, especially if you need to copy sections or modify the worksheets in some way.