15.2 Creating a Mirrored Files Folder for a Mirrored Folder Resource Driver

After you have set up one or more mirrored folder resource drivers in the Novell Vibe Installation program, you need to create a Mirrored Files folder for each resource driver in order to make the data accessible to users on your Vibe site.

  1. Navigate to the workspace where you want to create a mirrored folder.

  2. Create a new File folder:

    1. Click Workspace > New Folder.

      Add New Folder page
    2. Specify a name for the folder that reflects the type of data that is available in the mirrored location.

    3. Select Mirrored Files, then click OK.

  3. Configure the new Mirrored Files folder to access the resource driver:

    1. Select the new folder, then click Folder > Edit Folder.

    2. Scroll down to the mirrored folder options at the bottom of the page.

      Mirrored folder options
    3. Set the mirrored folder options as needed:

      Resource Driver: Select the name of the mirrored folder resource driver, as specified in the Title field on the Mirrored Folder Resource Driver Configuration page in the Vibe Installation program or using the title= tag in the installer.xml file.

      Resource Root Path: Displays the pathname you specified in the Vibe Installation program or the installer.xml file.

      Resource Path Relative to the Root Path: (Optional) Add a subdirectory path to restrict the scope of the files available in the Mirrored File folder.

      IMPORTANT:After you configure a Mirrored Files folder with a resource driver, you cannot edit any of the mirrored folder settings except for the subdirectory path. If you need to change other settings, you can delete the Mirrored File folder and create a new one with different settings.

    4. Click OK to save the mirrored folder settings.

  4. Display the Mirrored Files folder, then click Folder > Manually Synchronize to create the initial metadata for the mirrored folder.

  5. Set up a synchronization schedule to keep the metadata current:

    1. Click Folder > Schedule Synchronization.

      Schedule Mirrored Folder Synchronization page
  6. Select Enable Scheduled Synchronization.

  7. Set schedule options as needed.

    You can choose to have mirrored folder synchronization performed every day, or you can select specific days of the week (for example, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). You can choose to have synchronization performed once a day at a specified time (for example, at 2:00 a.m.), or you can set a time interval, so that it is performed multiple times each day (for example, every four hours). The smallest time interval you can set is .25 hours (every 15 minutes).

  8. Click Apply > Close to save the synchronization schedule options for the mirrored folder.

  9. Click the new Mirrored Files folder to display the directories and files in the mirrored location.

    IMPORTANT:If you set up multiple Mirrored Files folders that point to the same files, and if Vibe users have been granted write access to those files, multiple Vibe users can gain write access to the same mirrored file at the same time. File locking is associated with each Mirrored File folder entry, not with the physical source files. Make sure that all Vibe users have access to mirrored files through the same Mirrored File folder.

  10. Set appropriate access controls on the Mirrored Files folder, as described in Section 2.0, Planning and Controlling User Access to Workspaces and Folders.