12.0 Enabling Custom JAR Files to Be Used on Your Vibe Site

Novell Vibe supports the use of custom Java Archive (JAR) files. JAR files are one way that you can incorporate custom functionality to Vibe workflows.

As a Vibe administrator, you can work with Vibe developers to write custom JAR files that enhance the functionality of workflows on your Vibe site.

Before you can enable a JAR file to be used in a workflow, the file must first be created. (The Vibe documentation does not describe how to create a JAR file.)

After the code has been written to accomplish a specific workflow action and then packaged into a JAR file, you need to make that JAR file available to Vibe users who are creating workflows.

When you customize workflows by using JAR files as described in this section, the JAR file can be referenced from any zone within your Vibe system. If you want customizations to be available to only one particular zone, you can instead add the customizations by adding an extension, as described in Section 13.0, Adding Software Extensions to Your Vibe Site. (For more information about zones in Vibe, see Section 16.0, Setting Up Zones (Virtual Vibe Sites).)

To make the custom JAR file available to Vibe users:

  1. Place the JAR file in the following directory. If the directory does not yet exist, create it.




    c:\Program Files\Novell\Teaming\apache-tomcat\

    Users can now reference this JAR file by adding a Custom Action element to a workflow, as described in Adding On-Entry or On-Exit Events in Creating an Advanced Workflow in the Novell Vibe 3.2 Advanced User Guide.