List of the bug fixes

Bug ID Short Description
568052 Need link to download all files on an entry as a zip
568097 Tasks in GW Calendar not updated in Teaming
590379 GdInstall: Document the fact that on some Linux systems it is necessary to add multicast addresses to route table for cluster installation
632837 Errors in FF error console - due to typos in CSS files
636393 1 minute Time based workflow transition transitions in 4 minutes
651992 We fail to display sender`s name with extended chars in mails sent from Teaming.
690962 Graphic issue: Star brightness is incorrect
691038 On Re-index for Search, no error message given if no places are selected
692273 Viewing a PDF file should use the browser plugin, when available.
692436 Copying a WIKI folder restores deleted items to the copied folder
692611 Nothing is displayed for user's with no given or surname
693704 Preformatted text in TinyMCE Editor adds extra empty lines <br/> on save
693799 Unlink in TinyMCE dialog doesn't work
694053 Remove "applications" and "application groups" rows from the access control table under zone administration
695078 Large images are not displayed correctly in the profile
696041 Allow user to enter pixel widths for table columns in a landing page.
697036 Enhancement: Add "Edit Comment" button in Mobility UI
698121 Tasks representation - ambiguous behavior
698278 Change name of "Active Users" in report and in workflow definition
699585 Enhancement: Better clarify "Purge" option
699601 Vibe is not importing HTML emails properly
700071 Workflow not started with document copied to another folder
700334 Size limitation on foreignName field in the database?
701006 Various CSS errors
702048 When searching for a user you will get an accessed denied
702377 Default form element "Date and Time" does not make it in a folder column views.
702453 Pressing Enter key on Add/Delete Team Members removes all users by inheriting
703258 Parallel Workflow causes exception
703297 Show Folder Description doesn't show
703933 Enhancement: Add GWT debugging instructions to Vibe Development Environment Setup Guide
704741 Need to associate ability to create personal tags with read rights
705567 Changing cn in LDAP allows a subsequent user with the original cn to see data that does not belong to him
705617 Editing Landing Page Title and pressing Enter removes all work done on Landing Page
705778 Missing Print Button in Wiki Entries
706723 Don't search in case of date field
706770 Copy entry on workflow transition hangs
707537 Copy entry on workflow transition hangs
707739 Enhancement: Enable the import/export of access controls
708185 Column settings not retained in a folder template
708193 When a state is deleted the transitions to that state remain
708288 Enhancement : Option to create one entry type from another
708315 Enhancement: Option to change colours on a Landing page
709354 Broken - Defaulting to Secure HTTP URLs in Vibe Links
709653 Use the Vibe icon as favicon
710093 WebDAV Digest authentication breaks mapped WebDAV folders in XP
711593 Installer quietly skips MySQL Database Upgrade
712751 Move entry on data entry field
712974 Enhancement: Importing iCal entries which do not have a TimeZone specification
714236 Menu changes in response to context changes seem to lag
715579 Vibe Feed does not have Workflow Access controls on replies/comments
716435 German translation for Purge button is wrong
716702 Folder -> View Team is non-functional
716754 Workspace/Folder Template from an Existing Workspace/Folder
716805 Workflow notification: Link for entry without title cannot be accessed
717041 Minor bug when setting maximum versions to 0
717343 Possible security hole with relative paths to custom JSPs
718103 Inline due date editor doesn't allow "ok" for a task that has a start and end that are EXACTLY 1 or more full days apart
718258 Email notifications sent from Vibe appear malformed on iPhone
718987 About screen says "Kablink"
719528 Move entry in workflow throws error:No such folder entry by the id '2,787'
720924 The jvmRoute setting in server.xml is lost during update in a clustered environment
720925 Some settings in get overwritten during upgrade/update
720957 Running re-index without choosing a node in a HA lucene configuration should display different message
721217 Versioning: The entry history issue
721219 Enhancement: Add a warning to the file upload dialog about browser limits
722289 We are inconsistent in indexing abbreviation strings inside PDF document.
722492 Global folder filters can be deleted by anyone
722589 LDAP Sync after renaming users in eDir
722590 LDAP Sync after deleting users in eDir
723102 Missing Text in TinyMCE upload area for Taiwan language set
723144 Rss feed not updated when entry is moved
724339 Error exporting attached files that have extended characters in their names