5.1 Accessing Your Basic Vibe Site as the Site Administrator

  1. In your Web browser, specify one of the following URLs, depending on whether or not you are using a secure SSL connection:


    Replace vibe_server with the DNS hostname or fully qualified domain name of the Novell Vibe server. If you have configured the HTTP ports correctly, you do not need to include the port number in the Vibe URL.

    Novell Teaming Sign In page
  2. Log in using admin as the login name and admin as the password.

  3. Click My Workspace in the Action toolbar.

    The Vibe administrator’s personal workspace is displayed.

    Novell Teaming administrator’s personal workspace
    Kablink Teaming administrator’s personal workspace
  4. Change the default administrator password to a secure password:

    1. Click Profile, then in the upper right corner of the Profile page, click Edit.

    2. Specify your own password for the Vibe administrator in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields.

    3. (Optional) Provide useful information in the additional fields of the Vibe administrator’s profile.

    4. Click OK to return to the administrator’s profile.