3.1 What Is a Basic Vibe Installation?

The Novell Vibe installation program provides two installation types: Basic and Advanced. When you perform a Basic installation, the result is a fully functional Vibe site with all required options configured and with typical defaults in use for optional settings.

If you are new to Vibe, the easiest way to get started is to perform a Basic installation first, with all Vibe components installed on the same server, then add advanced configuration options to your Vibe site after the Basic installation has been successfully tested. However, experienced Vibe administrators can choose to perform an Advanced installation immediately, which includes all installation and configuration options, as described in Section III, Advanced Installation and Reconfiguration.

IMPORTANT:The following Vibe configurations require that you perform an Advanced installation as your initial installation of the Vibe software:

  • Setting up the Vibe file repository so that some types of files are located outside the Vibe file repository root directory. See Section 9.2, Distributing Different Data Types to Different Locations for Advanced installation instructions. You cannot move subdirectories within the Vibe file repository after they have been created.

  • Installing the Vibe software on multiple servers to create a clustered environment. See Section 15.0, Running Vibe on Multiple Servers for Advanced installation instructions. The option to enable a clustered environment is available only during an Advanced installation.

If you want to implement an Advanced installation option, you should perform a Basic installation first, in a test environment, before performing the Advanced installation to set up your permanent Vibe site.

This section helps you make informed decisions about the required options for a Basic installation:

Before performing a Basic installation, make sure all system requirements are met, as listed in Section 2.0, Vibe System Requirements.

As you proceed with planning, you can use the Basic Vibe Installation Summary Sheet to record your decisions about the options you want to use.