12.0 Advanced Vibe Installation Summary Sheet

Installation Program Field

Value for Your Vibe Site


Data Locations:

Linux default:


Windows default:


  • Simple file repository

  • Jackrabbit repository

  • Extensions repository

  • Cache store

  • Lucene index

See Section 9.2, Distributing Different Data Types to Different Locations.

Network Information:

  • Enable Web services:

    No / Yes

  • Session timeout

    Default: 240 minutes

  • Enable Tomcat access log:

    No / Yes

  • Keystore file:

See Section 9.3, Using Advanced Network Information Settings.

WebDAV Authentication Method

  • basic

  • digest


See Section 3.5, Planning the WebDAV Authentication Method.

Web Services:

  • Enable WSS authentication

  • Enable Basic authentication

  • Enable token-based authentication

  • Enable anonymous access


See Section 9.4, Configuring Web Services.

Lucene Configuration:

Configuration type: all

  • Max booleans:

    Default: 10000

  • Merge factor:


See Section 9.5.2, Changing Lucene Configuration Settings.

Server Lucene Configuration:

Configuration type: server only

  • Host:

  • RMI port:

    Default: 1199

See Section 9.5.3, Running the Lucene Index Server in Its Own JVM.

High Availability Lucene Configuration:

Configuration type: high availability only

Number of high availability search nodes:

  • Service name:

  • Service title:

  • Host:

  • RMI port:

  • Service name:

  • Service title:

  • Host:

  • RMI port:

See Section 16.0, Running Multiple Lucene Index Servers.

RSS Configuration:

Enable RSS: No / Yes

  • Max elapsed days:

  • Max inactive days:

See Section 9.6, Managing RSS Feeds.

Presence Configuration:

Enable presence: No / Yes

  • Server address:

  • Port:

  • Server user:

  • Password:

  • Server Certificate:

See Section 9.7, Configuring Presence.

Conferencing Configuration:

Enable Conferencing: No / Yes

  • Conferencing URL:


See Section 9.7, Configuring Presence.

Reverse Proxy Configuration:

Enable Access Gateway: No / Yes

  • Access Gateway address(es):

  • Logout URL:

  • Use Access Gateway for WebDav connections: No / Yes

    • WebDAV Access Gateway address:

See Section 9.8, Configuring Single Sign-On with Novell Access Manager.

Integration with IIS for Windows Authentication:

Enable Integration with IIS for Windows Authentication: No / Yes

  • IIS address(es):

  • Logout URL:

See Section 9.9, Configuring Single Sign-On with Internet Information Services for Windows.

Mirrored Folder Resource Driver Configuration:

Enable file share: No / Yes

  • Share type

    • File

    • WebDav

  • Read only: No / Yes

  • Title

  • Root path

  • Allowed users

  • Allowed groups

  • User

  • Password

  • Host URL

See Section 9.10, Configuring Mirrored Folder Resource Drivers.