13.3 Setting a Data Quota for Workspaces and Folders

The Vibe administrator can allow you to set your own data quotas for your workspaces and folders. If you cannot set a data quota as described in this section, your administrator has not allowed this capability.

If workspace and folder administrators have set data quotas at higher-level workspaces, your workspaces and folders are subject to any quotas that are set on the higher-level workspaces. For example, suppose you are the administrator of a team workspace called “Online Marketing”. This team workspace is a sub-workspace to a workspace called “Marketing”. If the workspace administrator for the Marketing workspace has set a data quota of 100 MB, users in your workspace and in other sub-workspaces to the Marketing workspace cannot upload more than 100 MB of collective data to the sub-workspaces, regardless of what is set as the data quota for the sub-workspaces. For more information, see Section 13.1.2, Understanding Workspace and Folder Data Quotas.

To set a data quota for workspaces and folders:

  1. Navigate to the workspace or folder where you want to view the quota.

  2. Click Workspace > Configure Views, URLs and Controls if you are managing the quota for a workspace.


    Click Folder > Configure Views, URLs and Controls if you are managing the quota for a folder.

  3. Click the Quotas tab.

  4. In the Set a Quota field, specify the new data quota for the workspace or folder, then click OK.