19.9 Preventing Users from Creating User Accounts

In some contexts, you do not want Novell Vibe users to be able to set up Vibe user accounts. You want Vibe account creation to be reserved for the Vibe administrator.

The Novell Vibe product name prior to version 3 is Novell Teaming. By default, Novell Teaming 2.0 enabled all users to create additional user accounts. If you updated your Teaming site from 2.0 to Novell Vibe 3 or later, or from Novell Teaming 2.0 to 2.1 to Novell Vibe 3 or later, this functionality continues, and you might want to prevent users from creating user accounts. Starting with Teaming 2.1, users by default are not allowed to create user accounts, so this section does not apply to new Teaming 2.1 or Vibe sites.

  1. Click the Workspace tree icon Novell Teaming pre-login user workspace, expand Home Workspace, then click Personal Workspaces to list your existing Vibe users.

    Novell Teaming User List
  2. Click Workspace > Access Control in the Action toolbar.

    Configure Access Control page
  3. Select no, then click Apply so that the workspace no longer inherits its access control settings from the parent workspace.

    This activates the access control table.

    Access control table for the Personal Workspaces workspace
  4. For the All Users group, deselect the check box in the Participant column.

    This removes the Add User option from the list of Vibe users under Personal Workspaces for regular Vibe users. It is still available for the Vibe administrator.

  5. Ensure that the check box in the Visitor column is selected.

    This enables users to view all Vibe users in this folder.

  6. Click Save Changes, then click Close.