7.1 Configuring Vibe Desktop to Synchronize Files between Vibe and Users’ Computers

You can allow users to synchronize their Novell Vibe files with their personal computers. Users can modify files without accessing the Vibe site directly; additions and modifications are synchronized between Vibe and users’ personal computers. By default, this functionality is not enabled.

To enable this functionality for the Vibe site:

  1. In Vibe, click the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the page, then click the Administration Console icon .

  2. Under System, click Configure Vibe Desktop.

  3. In the Novell Desktop Application dialog box, select On.

  4. Specify the following information:

    Synchronization every: Specify how often Vibe Desktop checks Vibe for changes to files. This lets you control the amount of load Vibe Desktop puts on the Vibe server.

    Auto-update URL: Specify the HTTP server that you have already set up where Vibe Desktop can check for Vibe Desktop updates.

    You can configure your Vibe server to be the HTTP server that provides auto-update information. If you configure the Vibe server for this purpose, the auto-update URL is https://vibe_hostname:8443/downloads.

    For information on how to configure your Vibe server as the HTTP server that provides this auto-update information, see Section 7.4, Configuring the Vibe Server as an HTTP Server to Provide Auto-Update Information for Vibe Desktop.

  5. Click OK.

Users need to download, install, and configure Vibe Desktop on their personal computers. For more information, see the Novell Vibe Desktop for Windows Quick Start and the Novell Vibe Desktop for Mac Quick Start.