9.2 Distributing Different Data Types to Different Locations

The default location for the Novell Vibe file repository varies by platform:





Under the main Vibe file repository root directory are subdirectories for various kinds of data files that are not stored in the Vibe database (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle). You can use an Advanced installation to store Vibe data files in various locations.

The data files not stored in the Vibe database are divided into several functional areas:

The directories for the various types of data can be on the Vibe server or on a remote server. Data access is fastest if the data is local, but depending on the size of your Vibe site and the types of data you store, the Vibe server might not be the best place to store all the Vibe data. If you want to store any of the data types on a remote server, you must ensure that the remote location of the data appears local to the Vibe server and that it is always available with read/write access.


Mount the file repository to the Vibe server.


Map a drive from the Vibe server to the file repository.

Linux and Windows

Place the file repository on a SAN (storage area network) with read/write access. This alternative provides the most reliable remote location for the Vibe file repository. This is required for a clustered environment, as described in Section 15.0, Running Vibe on Multiple Servers.


Under Data Locations, specify the directories where you want to store the various types of Vibe data.

Complete the planning process for additional Advanced installation features as needed, then perform the Advanced installation as described in Section 10.0, Performing an Advanced Vibe Installation.