7.5 Populating Elements in the Workspace View

After you create a workspace view, you need to populate and customize some of the elements that you included in the view.

For example, if you added a Branding element, you need to create your brand to display in the workspace; if you added a Description element, you need to populate the element with a description of the workspace; if you added an Attachment element, you need to attach any files that you want to display in the workspace, and so forth.

  1. After the workspace view has been created and enabled as the default workspace view, as described in Section 7.4, Enabling the Workspace View, navigate to the workspace.

  2. Click Workspace > Edit Workspace.

    A page with all of the form elements that you added to the workspace view add/modify form is displayed. (If you want these elements to be displayed in the workspace, ensure that you have also added them to the view form of the workspace view.)

  3. Populate the elements with the desired information.

    For example, add a workspace description and attach any files.

  4. Click OK.