6.13 Creating a Landing Page for a Folder

Displaying landing pages at the workspace level makes the workspace home page a quick portal to the most important information contained throughout the workspace. In addition to displaying landing pages at the workspace level, Novell Vibe also enables you to display landing pages at the folder level.

You might want to create a landing page for a folder if your folder contains many sub-folders, is frequently visited, and contains a lot of information. Because workspace landing pages are more common than folder landing pages, the process for creating a landing page on the folder is more complex than creating a landing page for a workspace.

By default, in order to create a landing page for a folder in Vibe, you need to create a new folder view. (For example, you might name your folder view “Landing Page.”) You need to populate this folder view with the Landing Page Layout layout option in the Folder Form, and the Landing Page Layout element in the Folder View. For information on how to create a landing page by creating a new folder view, see Section 8.0, Creating Custom Folder Views.

After you create the new landing page folder view, continue setting up your landing page by following the information in Section 6.3, Setting Up Your Landing Page.