3.4 Creating Global Workspaces

A Global workspace is intended to present very high-level information that would be of interest to all Novell Vibe users. It might include a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) workspace to help new Vibe users find their way around in the organization of team workspaces that you have set up. It might provide a place to post company-wide news. All Global workspaces must be created under Home Workspace > Global Workspaces on the Vibe site.

You might want to use geography to organize your company’s global information, and then use departmental categories (Engineering, Human Resources, Marketing) to further organize the information. Or, depending on your organization, you might want to reverse the order (function followed by geography), or use some other organizational scheme.

We strongly recommend that you limit the creation of Global workspaces. First, organic team creation is the more effective use model for this product. Second, we have worked with a significant number of customers who duplicated complex organizational charts in the structure of Global workspaces, and users found them to be confusing and unusable. Instead, populate the global area with a minimal amount of information, and let users guide you in developing a useful structure and content in this area.