8.2 Editing Files with Edit-in-Place Functionality

You can leverage Edit-in-Place functionality to edit files by using tools such as OpenOffice and Microsoft Office. For information on how to edit files in Vibe with Edit-in-Place functionality, see Using WebDAV to Edit Individual Files in the Novell Vibe 3.4 Advanced User Guide.

If you are using Edit-in-Place functionality over HTTP, no additional setup is required. However, if you are using Edit-in-Place functionality over HTTPS on Windows 7, ensure that you have met the Vibe server certificate requirements, as described in Section 8.1.3, Meeting Vibe Certificate Requirements on Windows 7.

For more information about editing Vibe documents in Microsoft Office with Windows 7, see “TID 7006717: Document editing failure with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office” in the Novell Support Knowledgebase.