5.7 Extending Vibe Web Services

Because Kablink Vibe is open source software, you have the source code that implements our Web services, and you can extend it. However, we invite you to operate within the spirit of an open source community by participating in the Kablink Vibe online community, sharing your code with others, and working with the Novell engineers to incorporate your Web services extensions into the base product. In this way, you make the product and community stronger, and you avoid doing work that might need to be redone in future versions of Kablink Vibe because of engineering changes.

Of course, whether you participate in the community or upgrade to future versions of the software is up to you. Regardless of your decision, Kablink Vibe includes an example that provides a structure that enables users of all versions of our software to extend our Web services in the most optimal way, minimizing work that you might need to do to maintain the extensions for every upgrade.

Kablink Vibe includes an extended Web services example, which adds the folder_getFolderTitle operation to the base Vibe web services, and also adds the getFolderTitle command to the teamingservice-client-with-call.bat sample client. The source code for the extension is located in this directory and in its subdirectories:


This directory contains the readme.txt file, which provides simple directions for establishing the extension.