Accepts a directory specification to get information about a binder.


public Binder binder_getBinderByPathName( String accessToken, String pathName, boolean includeAttachments );


The binder_getBinderByPathName operation uses a workspace-hierarchy path name to get information about a workspace or folder.

Parameters and Return Value


Either the security token passed to your application by Vibe as part of implementing a remote application, or the null value.


The titles of the binder for which you want information, preceded by the titles of all of its parents, separated by slashes:

Workspaces / Global workspaces / wsOrfolderTitle / ... / titleTargetWS

A Boolean value that indicates whether you want Vibe to return attached files.

By default, workspaces do not include attached files. However, users can use the designers to define workspaces that do include attached files.


A Binder Java object that contains data and methods for the requested binder.

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