Obtains information for users in the installation.


public UserCollection profile_getUsers( String accessToken, boolean captive, int firstRecord, int maxRecords );


The profile_getUsers operation gets information for users in the installation. Because the set of information is potentially very large, you can use successive calls to this operation to receive manageable subsets of information for each call.

Parameters and Return Value


Either the security token passed to your application by Vibe as part of implementing a remote application, or the null value.


Set this to true if you want the permalink URL returned for each user workspace to represent captive mode. When a user workspace is viewed in captive mode, the master heading and the sidebar are removed from the display, which allows the page to fit better in a small screen. The default is false.


The number of the record to begin returning. Use this parameter to page the returned list of users.

The number of the first record is 0.


The largest number of records you want to return in this call. Specify -1 for unlimited.


A UserCollection Java object that contains information about the entries contained within the folder.

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