Novell Vibe Desktop

FAQ - What You Need to Know

We’ve made Novell Vibe Desktop as easy to use as possible, but there are some behaviors you need to be aware of to save you time and potential frustration:

Why do the files I delete in Vibe Desktop reappear?

When you delete files in Vibe Desktop, the file is not deleted from the Vibe site. The next time files are synchronized, the file that you deleted is synchronized from the Vibe site back to Vibe Desktop. To delete files, you must access Vibe from your browser.

Why doesn’t the folder I created in Vibe Desktop show up on the Vibe site?

Synchronization of folders is one way only, from the Vibe site to Vibe Desktop. If you create a folder in Vibe Desktop, it is not synchronized to the Vibe site. To create folders, you must access Vibe from your browser.

I saved my document, but when I open it again my changes aren’t there. Why?

Your changes were probably saved as a local copy of the document (file_name - local copy.doc). See the following item for information on how this happened and what you should do now.

How did I get a file named file_name - local copy.doc?

This happens when another user uploads a new version of the file before Vibe Desktop can upload your modified version. In this case, look at both versions of the file and decide whether you want to merge your changes into the version on the Vibe server (edit the file on the Vibe site again), discard your changes (delete your local copy), or replace the version on the Vibe server with your local copy (move your local copy to another location on your workstation, rename it so that it matches the name of the file on the Vibe site, then copy your renamed local copy back to the original folder).

Why aren’t my changes synchronizing to the Vibe site?

This can be for a number of reasons: The document is still open on your desktop, another user modified the file and the file is locked, the Vibe site is currently unavailable, the file hasn’t synchronized yet (how frequently files synchronize from Vibe Desktop to the Vibe site is configured by your Vibe administrator), or a number of other reasons. If you can’t figure out why your document isn’t synchronizing, check the Recent Activity section in the Vibe Desktop Console (read the Novell Vibe Desktop for Windows Quick Start or the Novell Vibe Desktop for Mac Quick Start to learn how).

Why can’t I synchronize my blog folder (or any other type of Vibe folder other than my Files and Photo Album folders)?

You can synchronize only those Vibe folders that require unique filenames. Files folders and Photo Album folders require unique filenames by default. Other folders such as Blog folders and Wiki folders do not require unique filenames by default. If you want to synchronize these types of files, read the Novell Vibe Desktop Quick Start or the Novell Vibe Desktop for Mac Quick Start to learn how.

When I try to copy a document from my desktop to Vibe Desktop by dragging and dropping, the document is moved from my desktop. Why?

This is normal Windows behavior if your desktop and the synchronization folder are on the same drive (such as C:). To copy the file, hold the Ctrl key while dragging.

How do I change how frequently files are synchronized?

The synchronization interval can be changed only by the Vibe administrator. The default is every 15 minutes.