List of Bug Fixes
Bug ID Short Description
682782 Guest pages default to Vibe branding
758078 Need to eliminate symbol maps from deployed GWT code.
761691 Error code: ssl_error_internal_error_alert when accessing Vibe from FireFox 11, 12
765953 Default landing page does not work
766415 Adding uploaded graphic to branding area fails on innerweb
768094 Removing a user from a static group removes the user in the user-database
768481 UI issue - Format of survey answers
768715 ldapGuid=GUID|objectGUID is getting added to the user mappings of the ldap configuration
768850 Changing survey question order breaks question-answer-association, leads to fake results
768930 E-mail Contributors sends blank email
769511 If the creation of a user fails, none of the users in the batch get created
771911 Cannot open ppt file as Visitor using IE8
773716 We need to apply the latest Outside-In (Stellent) v8.3.5 security patches to the Granite code base
776788 Aggressive / Frequent logging for failed presence integration crashes Vibe
781008 Filters do not apply on foreign task entries
781011 Tasks: Send an email notification to assignees does not work on modify
782500 Due Date of Tasks is displayed incorrect
783128 Creation Date on Mirrored Folders entry uses sync date instead of file modification date
786587 Using FireFox 16.0.1 file folders are clipped towards the end
787218 Revert to an Entry Version is not possible
788466 Calendar Entry shows up with wrong time
788467 November starts on Friday if time zone is set to Argentina/Buenos Aires
799362 SQL error in the catalina.out file
802208 Workflow Email notification lists All Day Event Date a day early regardless of time zones
803386 Users can add "guest" as a team member when not allowed
804523 Time based workflow transitions are failing
812744 Multiple users can log in to the same Vibe account using LDAP
813277 Vibe doesn't run as service in Windows due to service.bat missing double quote.
817202 Expired applets in Vibe 3.x
821713 When loading Vibe landing pages the navigation panel shows for few seconds although the ‘Hide Navigation Panel’ option is enabled
822283 Product version of the default License of vibe should be 3.4
822513 Login background shows the regular UI. Hide UI in background during login
758229 Vibe application on iOS 5 fails to connect via SSL connection.
809740 Selecting "Save Password" as Off still saves password
730938 Crash report in developer console for the Android Market
747683 Vibe Mobile App fails to login if password contains % sign
782105 PDF attachment files cannot be viewed
725225 Redirection not working properly from http to https