15.2 Mobile Browser Requirements

If your mobile device does not meet the requirements for a native mobile app (as described in Section 15.1, Mobile App Requirements), you can still access the Vibe mobile interface from your device if your device’s browser supports:

  • HTML 4

  • JavaScript

When users access the Vibe site through a browser (not through the mobile app), the iPad displays the full UI by default (the same UI that is displayed when you access Vibe from your workstation). All other tablets (Android, Kindle, Xoom, Playbook, etc.) display the mobile UI by default. The Vibe administrator can change this default behavior as described in Changing the Default View for Tablets in Site Setup in the Novell Vibe 3.4 Administration Guide.

NOTE:The BlackBerry Curve has issues with JavaScript, so it does not work with the Vibe mobile interface. For more information, see Your BlackBerry Curve Does Not Work with the Mobile Interface in Troubleshooting in the Novell Vibe 3.4 User Guide.