32.1 Basic Installation

The configuration settings that can be changed using a Basic installation are:

  • Default Locale for Vibe
  • Network Information
  •     Host
  •     HTTP Port and Secure HTTP Port
  •     Listen Port and Secure Listen Port
  •     Shutdown Port and AJP Port
  • WebDAV Authentication Method
  • Database Selection
  •      Database Type
  •      JDBC URL
  •      Credentials
  • Java Heap Size
  • Outbound Email Configuration
  •      Protocol
  •      Host, Port, and Time Zone
  •      User name, Password, and Authentication
  •      Allow Sending Email to All Users
  • Inbound Email Configuration
  •     Internal SMTP Email Server
  •     SMTP Bind Address
  •     SMTP Port
  •     Announce TLS

For information about these basic configuration options, see Planning a Basic (Single-server) Vibe Installation in Single-server (Basic) Installation in the OpenText Vibe 4.0.8 Installation Guide.