27.1 Configuring Outbound Email with TLS over SMTP

Depending on how your email application is configured, it may require that Vibe outbound email be configured with TLS over SMTP for secure email. Micro Focus GroupWise, for example, can be configured to require this. If you are using GroupWise or another email application that requires this type of configuration, you can configure Vibe with TLS over SMTP by using STARTTLS.

NOTE:In the Vibe installation program, on the Outbound Email Configuration page, ensure that you have selected SMTP in the Protocol drop-down list. For more information about outbound email configuration in the Vibe installation program, see Planning for Outbound Email in the Vibe 4.0.8 Installation Guide. See also TID 7024403.

To configure outbound email with TLS over SMTP:

  1. Import the root certificate from the email server into the Vibe Java keystore file (cacerts).

    The import process is the same as that described for securing LDAP synchronization in Securing LDAP Synchronization.

    The default location for the Java keystore file is:




    c:\Program Files\Novell\Teaming\jre\lib\security

  2. Stop and restart Vibe.