5.0 Creating Remote Applications

Much of the information in this section references Teaming, which is the product name for the Vibe product for versions prior to Vibe 4. This information applies to Vibe 4 as well as earlier versions of the product.

You can set up your OpenText Vibe installation so that remote applications—which often run on other server machines—provide HTML for segments of Vibe pages. Using this customization method gives you several advantages:

  • Provides more control over the format and content than using Vibe designers or JSP files.

  • Allows customization designers to work primarily within a familiar development environment (for example, using PHP or Perl) instead of requiring them to do most of their work within the Vibe environment.

  • Protects the customization from the effects of any future updates to the Vibe source code.

  • Eliminates the risk of implementing a customization that destabilizing the base product.

This topic includes the following sections:

NOTE:This chapter presents a “hello world” example application that you can implement quickly on your OpenText Vibe server, using the Eclipse build environment and Tomcat. The registration and application sections assume use of this example application. For more information about the example application, see Creating a Remote Application.