Adds a new comment to an entry or comment. (V1.0.3)


public long addReply( long folderId, long parentEntryId, String definitionId, String inputDataAsXML, String attachedFileName | null );


The addReply operation adds a new comment to an entry or to an existing comment.

Parameters and Return Value


The binder identifier of the folder containing the entry or comment to which you want to apply the new comment.


The entry identifier for the entry or comment to which you want to apply the comment.


The 32-character, hexadecimal identifier that maps to the type of comment to be created.

You can use the getDefinitionListAsXML operation to get metadata for all definitions. Then, you can parse the XML string for the definition identifier of the type of comment you want.


A string of XML containing the values needed to create a comment of your desired type.

Use the Teaming UI to create a complete comment of the type you want this Web services operation to create, note the entry identifier, and then use the getFolderEntryAsXML operation to return XML for the entry. Then, use the returned XML as a template for this parameter.


The name of the file you wish to attach to the new comment. This is an optional parameter. The file must be located in the directory in which the client code executes.


The entry identifier of the newly created comment.


call.setOperationName(new QName("addReply")); Object result = call.invoke(new Object[] {new Long(21), new Long(45), null, s, null});

This code creates a new comment in the folder whose binder identifier is 21, and applies it to the entry or comment whose entry identifier is 45. The first null value instructs Teaming to use the default comment type for the folder. The variable s contains XML elements needed by Teaming to create the comment. Because of the final null value, the new comment does not include an attached file.

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