Returns information about all team members assigned within a workspace or folder. (V1—V1.0.3)


public String getTeamMembersAsXML( long binderId );


The getTeamMembersAsXML operation returns XML that names members of a team assigned within the specified workspace or folder.

Parameter and Return Value


The binder identifier of the workspace or folder for which you want information about team members. The getTeamsAsXML operation returns information about all workspaces and folders that have assigned teams.


A string containing XML elements describing team members for the specified place.


call.setOperationName(new QName("getTeamMembersAsXML")); Object result = call.invoke(new Object[] {new Long(23));

This code returns an XML string whose elements describe all of the team members assigned in the workspace or folder associated with the binder identifier of 23.

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