Associates an entry with a workflow process while preserving SiteScape Forum data. (V1.0.3)


public void migrateEntryWorkflow ( long binderId, long entryId, String definitionId, String startState, String modifier, Calendar modificationDate );


The migrateEntryWorkflow operation associates a workflow process with an entry in Teaming, while preserving values from a SiteScape Forum installation (for example, the state to which the entry should be set, the person who last changed workflow state in Forum, and the date of the last state change in Forum).

Parameters and Return Value


The binder identifier of the folder that contains the entry to which you want to associate a workflow process.


The entry identifier of the entry to which you want to associate a workflow process.


The 32-character, hexadecimal identifier that maps to the workflow-process definition.

Before using this message, you must replicate the Forum workflow processes in Teaming.


The current state of the Teaming entry (which would reflect its last state in Forum).


A string containing the username of the person who last changed the workflow process in Forum.


Calendar data specifying the date when the workflow process was last changed in Forum.


call.setOperationName(new QName("migrateEntryWorkflow")); Object result = call.invoke(new Object[] {new Long(21), new Long(45), String("ptoProcess"), String("PTO Request"), new String("JGarces"), modcal});

This code associates the ptoProcess workflow process with the entry whose identifier is 45 and which is located in a folder whose binder identifier is 21. The entry should be placed in the PTO Request state. The operation also provides the name of the person who last changed the workflow state in Forum and the date when that state change occurred.

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