Establishes workflow-entry associations for a folder. (V1.0.3)


public void migrateEntryWorkflow ( long binderId, String[] definitionIds, String[] workflowAssociations );


The setDefinitions operation uses two arrays to associate workflow identifiers with entry identifiers for a folder. (Teaming associates identifiers in the first element of both arrays, the second element of both arrays, the third, and so on.)

When an entry is associated with a workflow process, creation of an entry of that type automatically places the entry into the initial state of the workflow process.

NOTE:This operation is an overwrite operation, setting all workflow associations for the folder; you cannot use repeated calls to this operation to set associations incrementally. So, set all of the workflow associations for the folder with one call.

Parameters and Return Value


The binder identifier of the folder in which you want to associate entry and workflow identifiers.


An array of entry identifiers.


An array of workflow identifiers.

Before using this message, you must replicate the Forum workflow processes in Teaming.


call.setOperationName(new QName("setDefinitions")); Object result = call.invoke(new Object[] {new Long(21), entries, workflows});

This code passes two array variables, entries and workflows. Teaming uses the corresponding elements in both arrays to create entry-workflow associations for the folder whose binder identifier is 21.

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