19.4 Creating an Oracle Database

Before you begin, you should be familiar with standard database maintenance procedures.

For more information about your Oracle database, see the following references:

The following database tool can be helpful:

  1. Review the Oracle database requirements listed in Database Server Requirements.

  2. Ensure that the Oracle database server software has been installed and configured properly.

    For more information, see Oracle Database.

  3. Set up the Oracle database character set to support Unicode character encodings.

    Vibe requires either the UTF-8 or AL32UTF8 character set for proper operation. Oracle recommends AL32UTF8, because it has increased support for certain Asian languages. For more information, see Choosing a Character Set in the Oracle Database Globalization Support Guide.

  4. Copy the teaming-4.0.n-db.zip file from the Vibe server where the Vibe installation program is located and copy it to the database server.


    Download and unzip the Vibe software onto the database server.

  5. In the directory where the Vibe Installation program is located on the database server, or in the location where you copied the teaming-4.0.n-db.zip file, unzip the teaming-4.0.n-db.zip file.

  6. Change to the db subdirectory.

  7. Change to the db/scripts/sql subdirectory.

  8. Edit the oracle-create-empty-database.sql script with your Oracle database password.


    drop user sitescape cascade;
    create user sitescape identified by sitescape;
    grant connect, resource to sitescape;
    connect sitescape/sitescape;

    (SiteScape is the name of the company that previously developed the Vibe software.)


    drop user sitescape cascade;
    create user sitescape identified by your_oracle_password;
    grant connect, resource to sitescape;
    connect sitescape/your_oracle_password;

    IMPORTANT:Unless you are very familiar with editing scripts, change only the password. Do not attempt to change the name of the database from the legacy default of sitescape.

  9. Enter the following commands to run the database creation script:

    sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
    SQL> spool oracle-create-empty-database.out;
    SQL> @oracle-create-empty-database;
    SQL> quit
  10. Check the resulting oracle-create-empty-database.out file for errors and resolve them.

  11. Edit the oracle-liquibase.properties file to use your administrator user name and password.

    For example:

    vi oracle-liquibase.properties

  12. Populate the database that you just created:

    run ./manage-database.sh oracle updateDatabase

  13. Verify that the database tables were created.