13.3 Setting a Data Quota for Workspaces and Folders

The Vibe administrator can allow you to set your own data quotas for your workspaces and folders. If you cannot set a data quota as described in this section, your administrator has not allowed this capability.

If workspace and folder administrators have set data quotas at higher-level workspaces, your workspaces and folders are subject to any quotas that are set on the higher-level workspaces. For example, suppose you are the administrator of a team workspace called “Online Marketing.” This team workspace is a sub-workspace to a workspace called “Marketing.” If the workspace administrator for the Marketing workspace has set a data quota of 100 MB, users in your workspace and in other sub-workspaces to the Marketing workspace cannot upload more than 100 MB of collective data to the sub-workspaces, regardless of what is set as the data quota for the sub-workspaces. For more information, see Section 13.1.2, Understanding Workspace and Folder Data Quotas.

To set a data quota for workspaces and folders:

  1. Navigate to the workspace or folder where you want to view the quota.

  2. Click the Configure icon next to the workspace or folder title, then click Configure Views, URLs and Controls.

  3. Click the Quotas tab.

  4. In the Set a Quota field, specify the new data quota for the workspace or folder, then click OK.