3.6 Limiting the File Upload Size for Folders and Workspaces

The file upload size limit conserves disk space in your folders and workspaces because it prevents users from uploading large files. The default size limit for uploading files into your Vibe site is 2 GB. This limit can be increased or decreased by your Vibe administrator. You can change the limit for the workspaces and folders that you are the owner of, but you cannot make the limit greater than what is set by your Vibe administrator.

This setting is inherited by all sub-folders, so any sub-folders are also restricted to the size limit that you set.

  1. Navigate to the folder or workspace where you want to set a limit on the size of files that can be uploaded.

  2. Click the Configure icon next to the folder or workspace title, then click Configure Views, URLs and Controls, depending on whether you are setting the limit on a folder or workspace.

  3. Click the Versioning and Folder Settings tab.

  4. In the File Size Limit section, specify the limit in the Maximum Size field.

  5. Click OK.