4.2 Viewing License and Entitlement Information for Your Organization

You can view your Vibe license to see the type of license you have, the number of users you are allowed to have, and the date your license expires.

Entitlements are privileges that can be specific to your organization. Examples of entitlements are the number of groups that each user is allowed to follow, the number of groups your organization is allowed to create, or the amount of bandwidth you are allowed to use.

To view your organization’s license and entitlement information:

  1. Log in to the Web Admin Console.

  2. Expand Management, then click Organization.

    Organization Management Page
  3. Click the License tab.

    In the License Information section, you see the following information about your license:

    Type: The type of Vibe license that you currently have.

    Expires: The date that your license expires. There is no expiration date for the Default Free license.

    # of Users: The number of users allowed in your organization.

    In the Entitlements section, you see entitlements that are associated with your license. For example, the total number of disk space that your organization is entitled to.