bug_id short_desc
495700 WIKI enhancement - show all topics
506214 Include an option to add an iFrame to a landing page
555123 Make it possible to delete entries via the mobile UI
555126 Allow sorting by columns in tasks
567056 Add calendar utility on landing pages
570529 Extended characters for WebDAV are not properly supported by Teaming
625355 Provide means for affecting search relevancy of entries based on factors external to the entry contents
628808 Extend drag-n-drop capabilities for landing page editor
654674 Scale large images to a smaller size in the micro-profile card
657107 When an entry is copied, its workflow process is not copied or started
657122 Adding a group to the access control page is hard if name is long
657154 Need documentation on how to change colors/defaults of look-and-feel
660324 Picture in a survey does not appear correctly
660571 Folder is not handling attachments with extended characters
670892 Workflow: Comment on entry not possible, if delete right for user is not set
682372 The tinyMCE editor does not work with an iPad
682872 Missing graphics - arrow_up and arrow_down
683670 Very Slow LDAP-Authentcation – we need the possibility to set deferencing aliases to "never"
684144 Calendar view on IE is not correct
684184 German translation of word "state" should be "status" NOT "bundesland"
684211 Add a "today" push button to the calendar view navigation bar
684769 Mobile UI navigation dropdown lets underlying anchor tags bleed through
684949 Custom HTML content being dropped on 2nd edit
684955 Embedded web page element needs protocol prefix
684965 Clicking on "Search Subtree" text can check/uncheck the wrong checkbox
685172 Filter names aren't sorted
685174 Focus on title sometimes jerks focus away fro typing
685927 Permalink to a task entry doesn't bring up the entry viewer
686343 Upgrade on Windows must preserve those executables and libraries that were manually installed by user for Windows Services
687550 Quotas should work on templates
687618 Installation crashes because of Java object Heap
688574 When you use quotes in an entry title, everything after the quotes is removed as a title in replies/comments
688647 In a discussion folder list, the description hover is blocked for the last few in the list
689296 Import of permalink in entry failed
691045 Allow quota definitions in workspace and folder templates
691449 Screen layout issues with Safari on iOS (iPad)
691461 Multiple email addresses are displayed in the Personal Workspaces binder.
691784 Provide a ui to specify the width and height of a calendar in the landing page.
692030 Embedded workspace tree controls sort names differently than the sidebar tree
692674 Admin Form/View Designers selection sometimes not available when it should be
692804 On an entry view text contents loses font color
694097 Searching on a custom field of text type through Advanced Search or Filter UI does not work
694842 The type-to-find search for Groups does not always behave as expected – resulting in missed hits
695289 Adding a YouTube video to an html element in a landing page does not work
696379 Creating a folder should work without error when user only has "create folder" right
696771 Links accessed from mobile device open full UI
697001 Problem printing landing pages
697782 Email notifications containing extended characters are not encoded correctly
630798 Searching on file name can be mis-handled when the file name contains underscore characters
656828 The URL in email message is http when it should be https
659709 Workflows that specify access controls may prevent people from adding replies
659901 Certain form elements/fields are not available for 'Configure Columns'
660418 Application does not start - logs indicate SAXParseException
666576 Comment and Reports buttons missing in document view
670938 Add support for standard robots.txt
684073 Edit of Wiki Sessions leaves curious HTML Tags
687207 No way to specify additional file type to be opened directly when the mime type takes the form application/*
687827 Project management workspace shows all folders
689297 Pinned entries are lost
350639 Allow non-login access for public guests
531817 Provide a mechanism to not show the video tutorial panel by default
553500 Provide the ability to Add a Survey to the Landing Page
553501 Provide the ability to Add a Discussion to the Landing Page
554254 In the "Tasks and Calendars" tab, only show active tasks
592268 Enhance search so that un-acuted search term can match on acuted instances
605601 Add ability to assign users to calendar and tasks in Mobile UI
635657 Retire/Disable Users
635660 Folder Views with editable column captions
635661 Two manual transition classes and on response when EVERYONE replies
635663 Ability to embed field values in notification title and body
635664 Send notification to any field
661209 INTL - incorrect Swedish translation for New Folder
662687 Need to change installer.xml - default truetype fonts location.
664296 It is not possible to log-out of Vibe on a Mobile device
664848 Help goes to incorrect url for Traditional Chinese user
667777 Unable to edit inline image
670394 Foreign (French) characters in filename - No longer able to open/download files after upgrade
670812 “List Unseen” does not identify unseen replies
674166 Email has no RCPT TO: field in message header
678541 Several entry and folder tags missing from search
680232 Date fields on Folder Views show up as Unknown
687382 search_search() web services operation returns href but not permalink
691295 Annoying UI issues with site and workspace banners
487144 Options to change the order of columns is missing
516740 Unable to change outgoing mail intervall
566213 Provide a way to restore previous versions of a WIKI
609500 Have the all tasks in a task view that will allow for easier management
657913 Reports have incorrect German translations
658556 Parallel workflow causes exception
665628 Time based workflows don't advance
670039 Superfluous text when creating a mirrored folder
674403 When importing emailed entries Vibe does not interpret the HTML messages properly
678945 Quota error appears when attempting to move a workspace
678948 If Timezone from Admin and System is different, Holidays are added incorrectly
681085 The Java virtual memory size specified in the installer is written out to service.bat in an invalid format
687959 Mouse over highlight appears missplaced
687969 Add LibreOffice to editor override settings
687975 Safari does not support applets
688709 Icons available in Folder Edit option do not match default icons
690894 Enable bucketing on all binders exceeding 100 nested binders
698567 Linux upgrade can break Vibe OnPrem's GDFONTPATH setting
700667 Paging through search results can fail randomly
576706 Add a new workflow transition 'When everyone has responded'
615186 List groups that a user is member of on Profile Page
686609 Email notifications fail if you have not specified a smtp username
599492 Element in landing page cannot be moved after created
690419 Self registration does not work
694674 Bread-crumbs disappear
650206 Update the Recent Places menu option to be persistent
680484 When assigning team memberships, if you press enter, the dialog closes
681039 On the "Recent" tab the "Recent Visits" section consistently shows entries I have not visited
683958 New task folder view has removed the option to easily filter by entry name
683970 Changing the priority of a task markes the task to "unread"
685200 When completing a search on the new filter (pressing enter), the cursor focus should remain in the filter field
696108 The option View > Top Ranked is not working now from the search results page
698310 Add link to resource library