10.1 Enabling JSP Files to Be Used on Your Vibe Site

After a JSP file has been created, you need to make it available to users in your Vibe site.

  1. On the Vibe server, locate the JSP file that you want to make available to users.

  2. Place the JSP file in the /WEB-INF/jsp/custom_jsps directory.

    Users need to reference this file by name in order to use it, so make sure that the name of the file is intuitive and easy to remember.

    HINT:You might want to create separate folders for each custom JSP file inside the custom_jsps directory. This can make managing your custom JSP files more simple. However, users who leverage these sample JSP files from the Vibe site will need to enter the relative path to the file. For example: new_folder/custom_jsp_landing_page_entry.jsp.