8.7 Establishing a Default Layout

When you create accessories for every page that you view or for a community accessories panel, the accessories are displayed in the reverse order in which they were created. Novell Vibe enables you to rearrange the order of the accessories within the panel, allowing you to determine an optimal default order in which the defined accessories appear. (If you are not the owner of the community accessory, you can override higher-level settings by personalizing the order of the accessories within the community panel, as described in Section 8.6, Repositioning Accessories.)

To change the layout of a global personal accessory panel or a community accessory panel:

  1. Click the Accessory Panel drop-down list.

  2. Click Set Default Layout for Community Accessories, or Set Default Layout for Personal Global Accessories, depending on which type of layout that you want to set.

    The Configure the Accessory Panel page is displayed.

  3. In the title bar of the accessory that you want to move, click the arrow icons , depending on whether you want to move the accessory up or down in the Accessory Panel.

  4. Click Close.