B.12 Upload Applet Problems on SLED 10 SP1

Problem: When you use Novell Vibe in a browser running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) 10 SP1, dragging and dropping picture files onto the upload applet results in the pictures being displayed in the browser instead of being added to the Vibe entry as attachments. This problem was reported by a user running a Firefox Version browser, but the problem can also appear with other browsers.

In future releases of SLED, this problem might not occur if the Java JRE software is updated. Until then, you can either use the HTML form method of uploading files (the icon is next to the icon for the upload applet). You can also use the following procedure as a workaround for the problem:

  1. Use your windowing software to select and copy the photo files to your windowing system clipboard.

  2. Click Add Files.

  3. Right-click the Upload applet icon (a blue folder) within the upload applet box.

  4. Select Paste.

    Vibe attaches the pictures to the entry.