5.5 Combining Multiple Trustees

As an administrator, you might need to apply the same trustee assignments to a group of selected files. You can combine trustee assignments by selecting the Combine multiple Trustees option on the Novell Rights page.

For example, Kim is a trustee of FILEA and FILEB. Kim has Read, File Scan, and Access Control rights for FILEA and Read and File Scan rights for FILEB. Nancy has Read and File Scan rights for FILEA.

If you give a new user named Michael the Read, Write, and File Scan rights for both FILEA and FILEB and, at the same time, you want to give similar trustee rights to Kim and Nancy, you would select Combine Multiple Trustees. The following would then be true:

To combine multiple trustees:

  1. In Windows Explorer, select all the Novell files or directories that you want to combine rights for.

  2. Right-click the files or directories, then click Properties.

  3. Click the Novell Rights tab.

  4. Click Combine Multiple Trustees, then click OK.