1.11 Updating the Novell Client

Novell Client software and properties can be updated at any time specified by your administrator. You can run the Novell Client Update Agent either automatically without intervention, or manually by selecting Update Novell Client from the Novell Client tray application icon menu.

For more information on enabling Novell Client updates, see Update Agent Settings in the Novell Client for Windows Administration Guide.

  1. Right-click Novell Client tray application icon, then click Update Novell Client.

  2. If a Novell Client update is available, you see a message displaying the currently installed version of the Client and the new version of the Client.

  3. Click Yes, then follow the online instructions to update the Client.

    The Novell Client Installation runs, your workstation reboots, and you are prompted to log in by using the Novell Network login tile.

If no Novell Client updates are available, you see a message saying that the Novell Client for Windows does not need to be updated.