2.6 Purging Deleted Files

The Purge utility lets you purge deleted files and directories from Novell file systems. Deleted files are purged from a volume when one of the following events occurs:

WARNING:The Purge utility permanently removes deleted files from the selected directory. Purged files cannot be recovered with the Salvage utility.

IMPORTANT:You cannot purge deleted files or directories from an OES for Linux Reiser volume.

  1. Right-click Novell Client tray application icon, then click Novell Utilities > Purge.

  2. Select the folder where the files you want to purge are located, then click OK.

  3. Select the files you want to purge

    Purge Novell Directory Files Dialog Box
  4. Click Purge File.

    To purge all deleted files in the folder, click Purge All. To purge subdirectories, click Purge Subdirectories.

  5. Click Close.